dragonflygirl77 (dragonflygirl77) wrote in hotprobs,

std question

hey i just want to start by saying what a good idea this community is!...ive been trying to find help on the internet, but asking actual ppl might be a better idea...

today i woke up with a pimple-like thing on my lower lip...and not like one of those pimples thats right on the edge, its right ON my lip....the thing that freaks me out is that last week i noticed some little pimple things near the base of my boyfriends penis

me and my boyfriend dont have sex...but we have oral sex...so now im a little freaked out that maybe i got something from him....i might also want to point out that niether me or my boyfriend have had oral with anyone else, or sex with anyone else, but he has had a girlfriend who had sex

so what do you guys think?
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