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hotprobs's Journal

Hot Problems
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Having problems with someone at school?
Is someone gossiping about you?
Do you keep getting detention?
Did you cheat on your boyfriend?
Did he cheat on you?
Did your girlfriend give it up to some guy you can't stand?
Did you get beat up at a football game?
Did your best friend sleep with the guy you have a crush on?
Do you want to totally smack one of your teachers?
Do you hate school spirit?
Are you feeling left out of the "in" crowd? Failing a class?
Sick of school, period?


Welcome to "Hot Probs"!

A community for kids in highschool, or even college, to talk about their school-related problems. Here, you can share your problems, and get advice from members.

Rules are simple:

-No flaming, no trolling, no fighting, no bullshit, and no LiveJournal related drama. Keep on topic please.
-Please, include a title with your entry, that relates to your entry.
-Use the cut tag if your entry is long"
-PLEASE do not post nude photos of yourself, or anyone else for that matter.
-If you're going to post more than one picture of yourself, put the rest behind a cut tag.

If you fail to adhere to the simple rules, you will be warned. After you're warned, you'll be removed and banned should you break them again.

Once again... welcome!